Wow, just remembered this site and my login, apparently since my old biography I haven't been here in about 5 years.

I'm 21 now, own an American Deluxe Strat and a custom Warmoth Strat, consisting of a chambered black korina body, a macassar ebony neck/fingerboard and a set of Kinman Woodstock Series Plus pickups.

Been playing with an older band (in their 50's and 60's), very classic rock oriented, definitely a different approack from my upbringing.


Dream Theater
John Petrucci
Alter Bridge
Iron Maiden
Yngwie Malmsteen

through it all

February 11th, 2006 + 5:02 PM  ·  Darien

this is a song ive been playin for a while now. it helps me relax when im depressed or when i just want to mellow out. ive been playin for 3 years 10 months, and this is one of my favorite songs. i finally recorded it and threw in a lot of reverb it give it an airy/flowy sound, and i really like the way it came out, tell me what you think, constructive criticism is best


A Night Stood Still

July 30th, 2005 + 8:07 PM  ·  Darien

haha, this is pretty neat, I just got bored so I sat down and plugged in. Its nothing serious, I just thought that it came out really cool with the phaser going on. I cannot figure out how to even get close to that sound again, so I hope everyone has as much fun with it as my friends and I do. The chords drag on for a while but they change after a minute. Man, this cracks me up cause it is so tweaked my speakers sound like theyre gonna blow.
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